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Prabhash Kumar, Ph.D.

Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering , IIT Kharagpur


Prabhash Kumar is a PMRF Research Scholar in IIT Kharagpur (December 2020 Cycle).

His Research area is Materials Design using Machine Learning; Materials currently focused are Multi-Principal Element Alloys (MPEAs).

Ph.D. Research Title is "Computational, Statistical & Experimental studies on Multi-Principal Element Alloys using Machine Learning."

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning for alloy design.

  • Computational advanced manufacturing.

  • Experiments and modeling of the metallurgical processes for designing new processes.

  • Solid State reactions and computational and computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer are applied to design and optimize real industrial processes.

  • Mapping the categorical form of information compositionality in materials mechanisms.

  • Discover, design, and optimize novel materials for green energy and transportation applications.

  • Alloy development of nano and amorphous electrocatalysts.

  • Data-driven Approach for Material Properties. 

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Models for Novel Alloys especially Multi-Principal Element Alloys (MPEAs).

  • Applications of MPEAs in the Biomedical Industry.